Alpha.2 is here! It's mainly bug fixes:

  • Reticules no longer disappear when using gamepad
  • Bomber's passing overhead boats no longer causes them to spaz out
  • D-pad movement through menus
  • Improved analog movement through menus
  • Radar graphic swapped out for newer one
  • Game over screen: no longer says dictator died if you got a game over.
  • Enemy missiles no longer shoot out at fantastic speeds before slowing down.
  • Improved general game performance.
  • The in-game UI now scales with screen size.

There's also some tiny features!

  • Bombers can attack the aircraft carrier and destroy it. Does not trigger a game over.
  • Rudimentary dialogues when starting mission or losing aircraft carrier.
  • Shadows added to air vehicles to give them a sense of depth.

Now, where to go from here? I've got a long list of features I want to implement, but I have to solve a few other problems first.

Hm... well, we'll see what happens, I guess.


Firehawk Alpha 2 - 48 MB
Jan 31, 2018
Firehawk Alpha 2 - 61 MB
Jan 31, 2018
Firehawk Alpha 2 - Windows 45 MB
Jan 31, 2018

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